Chicago – Family- Photographer – Menchaca family

Menchaca family
Once of the most wonderful families I know. I am so very excited because this year, I get to watch these two walk down the isle. I get to see their love unite, and complete a family. It makes me so incredibly happy for them. They deserve nothing but happiness for many years to come. I have to admit that I was secretly hoping Jeremy would pop out the ring here and have me photograph the proposal, because of course we all knew he had the ring. Unfortunately he was selfish (sarcasm!!!) and wanted that special moment to be between them two, alone. Can’t wait to toast to their love & dance the night away. Congrats you guys!!!!!

m3mmenchaca 2014 (48)m4menchaca 2014 (16)m5menchaca 2014 (54)m6m7

menchaca 2014 (24)m8m10menchaca 2014 (53)m9

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