The Beck family | Lincoln Park IL, family photographer

The Beck family | Lincoln Park IL, family photographer

What an absolute joy was this family. They had the sweetest back story, and one of the amazing and most funniest things is that they both have the same name. They were a part of a Dockatot campain to celebrate all kinds of different families.

Baby O was so calm and beautiful. You could see that she knew just how loved she was. I hope you enjoy these images.

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Chicago south shore maternity session | Adri De La Cruz family photographer

Chicago south shore maternity session | Adri De La Cruz family photographer

We made it happen.

After multiple reschedules due to this crazy rainy Chicago summer, we finally managed to make this very special session in the South Shore happen. Although it was very hot for it being so early in the morning. The beautiful lake was empty and so still and beautiful.

This lovely family is waiting the arrival of it’s fourth member. A baby girl, due soon! They are anxiously waiting for her, all ready and excited. I hope you enjoy this gallery.

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Singleton | At home session, Chicago and West Suburbs family photographer

Singleton | At home session, Chicago and West Suburbs family photographer


or Sprinkles as she was so uniquely nicknamed during her mama’s pregnancy. She was welcomed into this world by a beautiful family. Her brother Miles and bis sister Sophie just adore her. As I approached the door, I was welcomed by my great friend Christine, who immediately apologized by her lack of outdoor house numbers that had me guessing where she lived.  I did manage to find the house, but only because I found big baskets full of gorgeous succulents outside. We have that in common, we both love succulents. Her whole house is full of them in stunning ways, from her tables to the floor.  On her walls you can see memories from days that mark their lives, and she so uniquely has a black wall.  To say that she loves color is an understatement.

I loved the theme for little Margo’s room, Sprinkles and Narwhals, to commemorate her awesome nickname I assume, and narwhals are just awesome. Of course, She slept the whole time, as I was capturing the world around her. One of my favorite moments was when she pee’d just a minute after her new diaper was on. It was so endearing to see just how Miles and Sophie were smitten with the little one. They were incredibly excited when I asked to see their chickens.  We rushed outside and discovered their favorites places. The swing and garden top the list. Sophie gifted me an amazing, big pear that I probably left behind, from a beautiful tree. My whole time with them was an adventure. The love radiated.

I cannot wait to see my photos on their walls. It was truly an honor to be invited inside and get to capture their new adventure as a family of five.

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Frog drop off – Chicago and West suburbs family photographer

Frog drop off – Chicago and West suburbs family photographer


I truly believe that there is an opportunity to teach your child some kindness in every day.

It may not always be obvious. It can be as simple as sparing the life of tiny bug that crawled it’s way onto your home. Or as heart wrenching as making them realize that some animals just don’t belong as pets.

My sweet Lucas begged to keep these sweet frogs in our home as pets. Fortunately we were able to convince him otherwise, but not without some tears. Convincing him that it was kinder for them to be in a welcoming freeing environment than a warm box in our house was hard. Rationalizing with a five year old is well, not the easiest thing. Specially when they want something so bad. He is a big animal lover so he understood.  We do have some future plans to get a dog soon. For now we pretend that out stuffed animals are alive.

I had promised to take some photos of the frogs for him. I already love his nostalgic heart. As I was taking photos of the tiny frogs in his hands, my littlest jumped fearlessly into the pond. Then the rest just evolved from there. If you know my kids or myself, you know that we love to get messy. It is also why we don’t have nice things. Thankfully nice things are not something we are interested in. The love and adventures is what counts the most. & I am so happy to have these images of my children wild & free.



Summer is back | Chicago and suburbs family photographer

Summer is back | Chicago and suburbs family photographer


Summer is here! and of course we’ll soon be complaining of the high temperatures, mosquitos and the traffic. But for now we bask in the lovely honeymoon phase of when summer returns. Those few days when it is warm enough to get wet and be ok with it and not freeze outside. It is a joke in Chicago that our spring is non existent we go from one extreme to the other.

So finally! We explored with the beautiful sun shinning over us. We were searching for frogs as we always are. As usual we catch none. My son was sad, but quickly recovered playing in the water and being able to see his other favorite bugs and birds. My littlest is just happy to be where her brother is, learning along the way. She of course also wanted to get naked and jump in.

I can’t wait for more exploring and fulfilling our summer bucket list.


My boy

My boy

This parenting business is no joke 

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mom. I wanted to be young enough to enjoy it all. When we got married, we got pregnant immediately. I was 21 and with a little boy. It was wonderful, it still is. But now life is so much more full. We have so much going on. Life has changed.

Lucas is 4 going on 14. He has opinions and ideas, he yells and he screams.Boy does he scream.  He is angry, he knows mean words, and uses them. He isn’t that little person who fit in between my chest. It is so hard to remember that little person. I’ve been ashamed of my lack of patience with him. I usually forgive myself because I know we all have bad days, and he. He is so forgiving. He loves me unconditionally.

I want to try and be a better person to him. Remember that, even though  he may seem so incredibly mature for his age and so very smart, he still needs guidance. He still need me to help him cope with all of his feelings.

He is the best son I could have ever wished for. He loves so much, and is so passionate about everything he is interested on. Him and I, we are so alike. I hope to build a relationship of trust. For him to know that no matter what, I am here. Not to judge, but to listen and help. For now, we’ll deal with the daily power struggles of a boy who wants it all …attention, love, time, toys, tv, icecream and me.



Lunde adventure into 3 | Chicago family photography

Oh boy !


This sweet family is soon welcoming a third boy to their family. Photographing them is always effortless. They make my job so easy! This time around since we may have been interfering with naps, mom brought along some raisins to bribe them with . Well they worked like a charm.

I bet it is very bitter sweet to have a third and to know that your whole world and dynamic will soon change again , and be outnumbered. I can’t wait to meet that sweet little bundle!

Anyway, we had a blast. Hope they enjoy these images as much as I do. 2016-04-19_00022016-04-19_00032016-04-19_00042016-04-19_00052016-04-19_00062016-04-19_00072016-04-19_00112016-04-19_00082016-04-19_00122016-04-19_00102016-04-19_00092016-04-19_00132016-04-19_00152016-04-19_00142016-04-19_00162016-04-19_0001.jpg2016-04-19_00382016-04-19_00172016-04-19_00182016-04-19_00242016-04-19_00202016-04-19_00212016-04-19_00222016-04-19_00272016-04-19_00412016-04-19_00262016-04-19_00252016-04-19_003483 (1 of 1)2016-04-19_00292016-04-19_00352016-04-19_00302016-04-19_00312016-04-19_00402016-04-19_00322016-04-19_00332016-04-19_00232016-04-19_00392016-04-19_0036

A little more of that please | faceless portrait Chicago IL family photography

A little more of that please | faceless portrait Chicago IL family photography

Every Year I look forward to winter.

I guess every year I forget how inspiration + winter just do not go together. It can be hard to find a spark of creativity among the same four walls you see daily. I’ve struggled just like everyone else. I am also currently doing a 366 , and I have to admit I’ve put some pressure on myself to share daily. Unfortunately I don’t thrive on repetition. I love going to new locations and surrounding myself with light, greens, and blue skies. So these last few months ( or weeks according to the groundhog)  inside these walls will finish off,  not so very creatively.

Here is my girl, in just some  pretty light. We are tackling the topic of faceless portraits + details with the TWELVE group . I thought this was perfect for that. I saw her wandering towards the window and playing with her spinning top, and of course I ran to get the camera. The focus can be thrown off when shooting directly into the sun, which is why i do it manually to get this magnificent sun burst. The last shots of her in the shadows and shapes of light did not happen organically but I though it added to the depth of this light story!. What do you think.

I love this light, and wish it were light this every last day of winter. I will take a little more of it please.




Come read through tour BLOG circle with the TWELVE group. Next up is Stephanie from IN her Lens

Wentworth Family – Chicago family photography

Wentworth Family – Chicago family photography

Wentworth Family Session

The first time we scheduled their session, I unfortunately couldn’t make it in time for some sun. Thankfully the next time we tried to schedule the session it all worked out and it was an incredibly warm fall day. I was invited in to their beautiful home. We hadn’t plan on going inside, but I am so very thankful they invited me in. Some of my favorite images from this session are inside their little home. When I stepped inside, Dad was getting baby S ready. She, from the beginning was all full of smiles. From inside their home, you could see and feel the love. The photos on their walls really showed me how connected they were. I specially loved that framed hearts art work, that was made at their wedding.

I wish I had captured more of their little neighbor hood, which was so incredibly adorable . We decided to head to the park, to get some shoots of baby S in her favorite place.  Hope you enjoy the images.




Project 5for5 days

More failures to add

So here I am. Last month I attempted a P/30 and I will humbly say that it was not a success.  My heart just was not into it. The images I took were not my best, it was like a chore to me. It was dreadful. Maybe I’m just not a “project ” person. I just have to accept it and move on. I’m at a point in my life where realizations are so incredibly welcomed. I have stopped trying to be someone I’m not, and this is another step in the right direction. Will I try again? Who knows , maybe. It was a little disappointing  to not pull through for myself for a month alone. But alas, some friends on facebook. tagged me to join along this week and share 5 for 5 days, easy enough right? Well here we go.. wish me luck.