6-Moths, Milestone session | Chicago and Suburbs family photographer

6-Moths, Milestone session | Chicago and Suburbs family photographer

  TIME JUST FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN!  I'm in awe of time, still. Even after having my two babies, I can never believe that time actually flies as quick as it does.  I have the honor to capture all of sweet little H's first year of life and even when he was in his [...]

TIME is | Chicago and suburbs family photography

TIME is | Chicago and suburbs family photography

Time is Too Slow for those who Wait, Too Swift for those who Fear, Too Long for those who Grieve, Too Short for those who Rejoice; But for those who Love, Time is not. Henry Van Dyke  ______________________   It's hard to find the words. Having seen my mom cry many times after phone calls [...]

I never know what to write

I never know what to write

Like, never ever. I think it's because English is second language that I have such a hard time conveying emotion on paper. Spanish is such an expressive language that I love, and I speak both well, but my feelings and emotions...I just am at a loss for words . So i'm left writing very little [...]

Chicago family Photography – 5 for 5 PROJECT

5 for 5 day - Quatro No one is more surprised than me that I'm still doing this project, personally I think I get so discouraged when I cannot post the day I am supposed to. Here we are on a random trip to Target. They of course had to have companions. Go check out [...]

Chicago Documentary & Storytelling Photographer-JRP headshots

H E A D S H O T S I had so much fun exchanging Head shots with this beautiful lady. She is the owner of Jessica Rassmusen Photography. Jessica was amazing! It was,I believe an awkward experience for the both of us. I still had so much fun. She is one of those wild spirits, [...]

Chicago family Documentary & storytelling Photography – Short stories- change and turning 4

Change is scary. Then again, change is good. In the past recent months, we have moved to a new place and we are still getting used to it. Although we do miss our old neighborhood,Our new one is jammed packed with tiny families like ours. Soon Lucas will begin Prek, which will bring more change onto [...]

Chicago – Family- Photographer – Menchaca family

Menchaca family Once of the most wonderful families I know. I am so very excited because this year, I get to watch these two walk down the isle. I get to see their love unite, and complete a family. It makes me so incredibly happy for them. They deserve nothing but happiness for many years [...]

Chicago family photographer- Riney family session 2014

R Y N E Y family. This session was a doozey. One of the biggest, as far as the amount of people included, but also as far as heart + love is concerned. As a gift from the daughter in law to the beloved grandma, I was in charge of delivering photographs that conveyed how [...]

Chicago family photographer – Dryfhout family 2014

D R Y F H O U T family. Holy smokes! If you've ever wondered what the perfect family looks like, well here it is!. These kiddos were a photographers dream, no muss or fuss. They made my job such a breeze. The love between this little family of four is felt far beyond these [...]