Geena + David Engaged | Chicago and suburbs photography

Geena + David Engaged | Chicago and suburbs photography

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS  It was so much fun to photograph these two. It was refreshing to hear their story and see how much love and excitement they  share on their upcoming nuptials. I won't get to photograph their wedding since I will be on the sidelines partying and enjoying their day with them, but I [...]

Frog drop off – Chicago and West suburbs family photographer

Frog drop off – Chicago and West suburbs family  photographer

  I truly believe that there is an opportunity to teach your child some kindness in every day. It may not always be obvious. It can be as simple as sparing the life of tiny bug that crawled it's way onto your home. Or as heart wrenching as making them realize that some animals just [...]

Summer is back | Chicago and suburbs family photographer

Summer is back | Chicago and suburbs family photographer

OH HALLELUJAH !! Summer is here! and of course we'll soon be complaining of the high temperatures, mosquitos and the traffic. But for now we bask in the lovely honeymoon phase of when summer returns. Those few days when it is warm enough to get wet and be ok with it and not freeze outside. [...]

Chicago documentary & storytelling family photography

AT HOME SESSION - Lunde family  Love, so much love. You know when you walk into a home and you immediately feel comfortable, maybe its the warm inviting decor, or maybe it's the amazing heart and souls occupying the home. I'm thinking it's the latter  This family is so special to me, The mama is [...]

Chicago Documentary & Storytelling Photography / Short Stories / Cloudy day

( I have been trying to think of a way to blog more personal stuff. It is honestly daunting with out any inspiration. That's why I created the Short Stories series for me. As a way to capture the everyday and have it make sense in my brain and in my blog. Hopefully I can [...]

Chicago children’s photographer – Zoe almost one -pt2

Zoe, almost one pt-deux Yeah, so of course after submitting her to almost an hour of indoor photographs we had to go outdoors. Remember that winter weather break we got in late January, I believe? Well it was sunny and gloriously warm. The snow on the ground just topped off the beauty. (also, in this [...]

Chicago children photographer – almost one pt-1

Zoe, almost one. You can kiss babyhood goodbye, after one. It is like one day she woke up and knew how to do it all interdependently. I am taking it all in, since she is my last baby. I am cherishing this crooked smile which she has now filled up, no longer does it look [...]

Chicago – Family- Photographer – Menchaca family

Menchaca family Once of the most wonderful families I know. I am so very excited because this year, I get to watch these two walk down the isle. I get to see their love unite, and complete a family. It makes me so incredibly happy for them. They deserve nothing but happiness for many years [...]

Chicago Family Photographer – Falicetti family

F A L I C E T T I family! We had a brand new adventure this year around. Last year little J was not a runner! This year I saw his brand new excitement for exploring. The same I saw in my own child as he learned to walk. He was also about to [...]

Little miss A

Little Miss A ! Seeing these images makes me miss summer so much! & How adorable is this little girl. We took these downtown at a very popular spot for photographers. The cool Honeycomb. Its such a cool little spot. Of course Little A was perfection! along with all her smiles and those gorgeous locks [...]