Chicago IL Self Portrait photographer, Failures are welcomed here

Oh failures, how bittersweet they are.

I mean you never set out to fail, sometimes we self sabotage and it ends up being self professed thing. I truly believe that. I just couldn’t find the drive to move forward with this project back in February, life has been a steady flow of up and downs. You know I was naive in the way I assumed the hardest thing in my life was behind me. Leaving a decade long marriage was hard. But the years that follow and the trying to find yourself is hard too. I am still not sure on certain days, it’s hard to remember who one is.

Self portraits always act like a flashlight a way to pause + see and decide what I want to photograph of myself. A little light into my soul. I couldn’t complete this set but I know I can always continue to try again. I can try. I failure is always an option again.

It’s my birthday, 34. Another year, and more lessons to learn. I hope I never stop trying things and being ok with failure.

self portrait reflection

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