At-Home Newborn Chicago Photography: Capturing the Essence of Your Family’s Story

As a photographer specializing in newborn sessions, I have had the pleasure of documenting countless precious moments for families. Each session is unique, with its own set of challenges and joys. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing a newborn session at home with a delightful family and their energetic older brother. In this blog post, I want to share my perspective and experiences as I captured the genuine love and liveliness that filled their home during this special session.

I think something important to note is that you can still have a beautiful newborn session even if you’re in periods of transition. You don’t need whatever you think you need to book a photography session for your beautiful family. I think this session is proof of that. Connection, love, laughter are all so important. The most important above all else.

This wonderful family booked my super popular Bundle session. We shot their lovely maternity session in Oak Park it was stunning! then a little while later little sister came. When I arrived I realized babygirl’s name is the same as my babygirl. She was the cutest little baby! and her big brother was so proud to show her to me.

A hand drawn welcome on door sign to welcome mom and new baby sister
big brother touching little sister
mom looking at her beautiful baby
dad looking at his newborn daughter during her newborn session
family by the window
modern family portraits
big brother in closet
from above shot of babygirl

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