Personal Project 52 in black & white

Jan 12 2014

A week before the new year I started to think of next year’s goals. Growing a small photography business really takes much more work than you think. There is always a fight in my head about what to put out there. I think any photographer struggles with that. The type of work you want to do, is not always the type of work your clientele wants. So this year, one of my big goals is too shoot for myself more. To discover what I love in a photograph. To learn a whole lot, and push my camera to its limits. Also push myself to think out side of myself. I can get hindered by indecision. I hope my Project 52 can allow me to discover new things. I choose to do it in b&w , because I think that it will challenge me a bit more. Since not every image should be a b&w.
this is my work so far.52-1s3523fb1

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