A little more of that please | faceless portrait Chicago IL family photography

A little more of that please | faceless portrait Chicago IL family photography

Every Year I look forward to winter. I guess every year I forget how inspiration + winter just do not go together. It can be hard to find a spark of creativity among the same four walls you see daily. I've struggled just like everyone else. I am also currently doing a 366 , and [...]

Wentworth Family – Chicago family photography

Wentworth Family – Chicago family photography

Wentworth Family Session The first time we scheduled their session, I unfortunately couldn't make it in time for some sun. Thankfully the next time we tried to schedule the session it all worked out and it was an incredibly warm fall day. I was invited in to their beautiful home. We hadn't plan on going [...]

Chicago family Documentary & storytelling Photography – Short stories- change and turning 4

Change is scary. Then again, change is good. In the past recent months, we have moved to a new place and we are still getting used to it. Although we do miss our old neighborhood,Our new one is jammed packed with tiny families like ours. Soon Lucas will begin Prek, which will bring more change onto [...]

Chicago family photographer – Dryfhout family 2014

D R Y F H O U T family. Holy smokes! If you've ever wondered what the perfect family looks like, well here it is!. These kiddos were a photographers dream, no muss or fuss. They made my job such a breeze. The love between this little family of four is felt far beyond these [...]

Chicago senior photographer / Blanca 2014

Alright, I am on a mission to catch up. B L A N C A fantastic at math. She is a self proclaimed Everyday Feminist & has tried unsuccessfully to become a vegetarian but will attempt again soon. She is a lover of animals, and babies. One day she hopes to achieve her goal of [...]

Personal Project 52 in black & white

Jan 12 2014 A week before the new year I started to think of next year's goals. Growing a small photography business really takes much more work than you think. There is always a fight in my head about what to put out there. I think any photographer struggles with that. The type of work [...]

Little miss A

Little Miss A ! Seeing these images makes me miss summer so much! & How adorable is this little girl. We took these downtown at a very popular spot for photographers. The cool Honeycomb. Its such a cool little spot. Of course Little A was perfection! along with all her smiles and those gorgeous locks [...]