Early Light

E A R L Y L I G H T / APRIL 2015

My thoughts are heavy on my mind right before bed.
These days I fall asleep at 12PM and wake up whenever these two decide to take on the day.
That is what early light is about.
Those just waking moments, where you can still hear the birds.
The stillness that can be beautiful and found everywhere you see.

To my little boy

Your heart is so big.
and right now, you are having a tough time with all of the feelings and emotions inside it.
This month you are learning about sharing more.
the concept is completely lost on you, most of the time
then, I see your sweetness shine in
wanting nothing but to please that little girl.
Thank you for your patience, as mommy is mainly occupied with her.

To my little girl

You, my dear.
Are something to be admired.
Just two months ago was your 1st birthday and already,
you are doing the stuff toddlers dream of.
Your wit and laughter is so incredibly awesome.
I can’t wait for you to soak in the beauty of summer as a walking big girl.

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