self portrait of a mom in chicago

Hey there!

I’m adri. I am enamoured by the human experience. I love meeting people at some of the most important moments in their lives. My work is devoted to showing the beauty of those deeply human moments. To show the love, the care and the grandness of their lives. I am a true believer that there is beauty in stillness. You can never have enough photographs is the personal mantra I live by!

I am aware at how incredibly lucky I am to be so passionate about my job. I hope that my portfolio reflects that.

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self portrait in balck and white of a mom and her kids sitting on the ground

About Me

Being a mother is my favorite challenge, I reside with my children in the West Suburbs of Chicago. I love exploring the city, getting a fresh bag of new coffee beans ready to grind every morning. I am an avid dancer, an extrovert who wants too know far too much too quick. Poetry is my favorite thing to read, I wish I could reread some of my favorite poems for the first time again. Personal work

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