Chicago storytelling and documentary Photographer / Try again

Yesterday I photographed my daughters struggle to learn something. It was so adorable seeing her trying different ways to do this single , simple task. She gave up multiple times, then saw the pull thingy “Hippo” ( I have no idea what a toy like this would be called) and  kept trying. She was relentless. It’s always fun seeing your children try new things. What is not fun is seeing them fail. The disappointment is disarming, and it makes you want to run and fix it. I did however remind myself of all she is learning while failing and how fixing it while it may mend my heart, will only hurt her in the grand scheme of things.

That is what I keep telling myself in this photography journey. In the past I have wanted to just “ARRIVE”!! what ever that means. I mean who the hell wants to fail. I certainly don’t. I have wanted to learn who I am in this photography community. Find my niche, style and voice. I tend to forget that it all takes a bunch of time. For now I will keep trying and failing and discovering who I am and what I love to photograph.

Its bananas to me how many lessons my children have inadvertently taught me. If you fail, get up and try, try again.


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