Singleton | At home session, Chicago and West Suburbs family photographer

Singleton | At home session, Chicago and West Suburbs family photographer


or Sprinkles as she was so uniquely nicknamed during her mama’s pregnancy. She was welcomed into this world by a beautiful family. Her brother Miles and bis sister Sophie just adore her. As I approached the door, I was welcomed by my great friend Christine, who immediately apologized by her lack of outdoor house numbers that had me guessing where she lived.  I did manage to find the house, but only because I found big baskets full of gorgeous succulents outside. We have that in common, we both love succulents. Her whole house is full of them in stunning ways, from her tables to the floor.  On her walls you can see memories from days that mark their lives, and she so uniquely has a black wall.  To say that she loves color is an understatement.

I loved the theme for little Margo’s room, Sprinkles and Narwhals, to commemorate her awesome nickname I assume, and narwhals are just awesome. Of course, She slept the whole time, as I was capturing the world around her. One of my favorite moments was when she pee’d just a minute after her new diaper was on. It was so endearing to see just how Miles and Sophie were smitten with the little one. They were incredibly excited when I asked to see their chickens.  We rushed outside and discovered their favorites places. The swing and garden top the list. Sophie gifted me an amazing, big pear that I probably left behind, from a beautiful tree. My whole time with them was an adventure. The love radiated.

I cannot wait to see my photos on their walls. It was truly an honor to be invited inside and get to capture their new adventure as a family of five.

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Lunde adventure into 3 | Chicago family photography

Oh boy !


This sweet family is soon welcoming a third boy to their family. Photographing them is always effortless. They make my job so easy! This time around since we may have been interfering with naps, mom brought along some raisins to bribe them with . Well they worked like a charm.

I bet it is very bitter sweet to have a third and to know that your whole world and dynamic will soon change again , and be outnumbered. I can’t wait to meet that sweet little bundle!

Anyway, we had a blast. Hope they enjoy these images as much as I do. 2016-04-19_00022016-04-19_00032016-04-19_00042016-04-19_00052016-04-19_00062016-04-19_00072016-04-19_00112016-04-19_00082016-04-19_00122016-04-19_00102016-04-19_00092016-04-19_00132016-04-19_00152016-04-19_00142016-04-19_00162016-04-19_0001.jpg2016-04-19_00382016-04-19_00172016-04-19_00182016-04-19_00242016-04-19_00202016-04-19_00212016-04-19_00222016-04-19_00272016-04-19_00412016-04-19_00262016-04-19_00252016-04-19_003483 (1 of 1)2016-04-19_00292016-04-19_00352016-04-19_00302016-04-19_00312016-04-19_00402016-04-19_00322016-04-19_00332016-04-19_00232016-04-19_00392016-04-19_0036

Chicago Family Photographer – Falicetti family

F A L I C E T T I family!
We had a brand new adventure this year around. Last year little J was not a runner! This year I saw his brand new excitement for exploring. The same I saw in my own child as he learned to walk. He was also about to become a big brother, I think he realized that and decided to really make this last photo shoot as a single child count ;). We played, I chased and snapped the shutter. I always enjoy them so much! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for them. Congrats on the new baby !

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