TIME is | Chicago and suburbs family photography

TIME is | Chicago and suburbs family photography

Time is

Too Slow for those who Wait,
Too Swift for those who Fear,
Too Long for those who Grieve,
Too Short for those who Rejoice;
But for those who Love,
Time is not.

Henry Van Dyke 



It’s hard to find the words. Having seen my mom cry many times after phone calls wishing she could see her mother. It’s been 15+ years. From the moment she told me she’d be able to see her mom soon, it was surreal. You get used to the reality that you may never see that person again when you chose to immigrate to the USA. This is the story of my family. One that is the story of many.

This topic is not black and white.

On this day we arrived far too early. 3 hrs to be precise. We kept waiting anxiously for a familiar face. We even brought balloons, ones that my little 2yr. old released onto the ceiling of the airport shy of the meet and greet. We stat there, staring at strangers reuniting with their loved ones, passengers glad to be back home and kids excited to run the halls of the airport.

When we finally saw her, rushing through just as I remember her. It was a quick moment of disbelief. Her features much more pronounced, time showing heavy on her skin. Her eyes much more beautiful than I remembered, just as kind as always. The hugs were deep, and the tears flowed. Only broken by a moment of laughter as my Aunt emerged from the bathroom upset that she had missed her first sighting. We hope to have her visit us much more often. We hope we can also travel out to her as well. I am so happy to have captured these special images for them.




Summer is back | Chicago and suburbs family photographer

Summer is back | Chicago and suburbs family photographer


Summer is here! and of course we’ll soon be complaining of the high temperatures, mosquitos and the traffic. But for now we bask in the lovely honeymoon phase of when summer returns. Those few days when it is warm enough to get wet and be ok with it and not freeze outside. It is a joke in Chicago that our spring is non existent we go from one extreme to the other.

So finally! We explored with the beautiful sun shinning over us. We were searching for frogs as we always are. As usual we catch none. My son was sad, but quickly recovered playing in the water and being able to see his other favorite bugs and birds. My littlest is just happy to be where her brother is, learning along the way. She of course also wanted to get naked and jump in.

I can’t wait for more exploring and fulfilling our summer bucket list.


My boy

My boy

This parenting business is no joke 

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mom. I wanted to be young enough to enjoy it all. When we got married, we got pregnant immediately. I was 21 and with a little boy. It was wonderful, it still is. But now life is so much more full. We have so much going on. Life has changed.

Lucas is 4 going on 14. He has opinions and ideas, he yells and he screams.Boy does he scream.  He is angry, he knows mean words, and uses them. He isn’t that little person who fit in between my chest. It is so hard to remember that little person. I’ve been ashamed of my lack of patience with him. I usually forgive myself because I know we all have bad days, and he. He is so forgiving. He loves me unconditionally.

I want to try and be a better person to him. Remember that, even though  he may seem so incredibly mature for his age and so very smart, he still needs guidance. He still need me to help him cope with all of his feelings.

He is the best son I could have ever wished for. He loves so much, and is so passionate about everything he is interested on. Him and I, we are so alike. I hope to build a relationship of trust. For him to know that no matter what, I am here. Not to judge, but to listen and help. For now, we’ll deal with the daily power struggles of a boy who wants it all …attention, love, time, toys, tv, icecream and me.



A little more of that please | faceless portrait Chicago IL family photography

A little more of that please | faceless portrait Chicago IL family photography

Every Year I look forward to winter.

I guess every year I forget how inspiration + winter just do not go together. It can be hard to find a spark of creativity among the same four walls you see daily. I’ve struggled just like everyone else. I am also currently doing a 366 , and I have to admit I’ve put some pressure on myself to share daily. Unfortunately I don’t thrive on repetition. I love going to new locations and surrounding myself with light, greens, and blue skies. So these last few months ( or weeks according to the groundhog)  inside these walls will finish off,  not so very creatively.

Here is my girl, in just some  pretty light. We are tackling the topic of faceless portraits + details with the TWELVE group . I thought this was perfect for that. I saw her wandering towards the window and playing with her spinning top, and of course I ran to get the camera. The focus can be thrown off when shooting directly into the sun, which is why i do it manually to get this magnificent sun burst. The last shots of her in the shadows and shapes of light did not happen organically but I though it added to the depth of this light story!. What do you think.

I love this light, and wish it were light this every last day of winter. I will take a little more of it please.




Come read through tour BLOG circle with the TWELVE group. Next up is Stephanie from IN her Lens

Letter to my Photography heroes.

Letter to my Photography heroes.

here we go.

I wanted to share my heroes with others.

I can’t believe I am writing this. How cheesy of me! .. I mean really!

I guess technically this is more of a tribute and giving credit to where credit is deserved, than a letter. I personally don’t know these women, I have, however followed their work in every social media platform. Stalker-ish? ..maybe :). It was easy to pick my top four. Why top four? I guess its a lucky number for me. I choose photographers that are alive and creating as we speak.

From merely seeing their work on a daily basis, reading their words in blogs, magazines, and social media photo captions, I have been truly inspired. The way they see the world has resonated and moved from  within me. They have made me pushed myself. In a very big way they have encouraged me. These women are Liz La Bianca , Valeria Spring, Joy Prouty and Summer Murdock. I have so many other favorites. I could prob make a top 100 list, because I love everyone’s work so much. But these 4, they have been my favorites from the very beginning.

My Photography journey start is not  very original,it is the typical ” I became a mom” . That is all I needed really. My passion for photography started way before that though, I have always had a love for the creative mediums, I knew I would dedicate my life to something truly beautiful. Photography became that something.

I remember being very new to Facebook , and trying to find inspiration online always felt so wrong. Or it felt like everything had already been said. Anyway I digress, I came across this beautiful black and white image. ( I wish I still had the links to show you all) Stopped me in my tracks. It was truly a work of ART! it was a little girl, swimming. In perfect light, composition, etc… everything that I didn’t know at that time. It was Liz La biancas’ work being shared. I of course, immediately began following Liz’ journey . I was obsessed with her work. Her willingness to share her knowledge was amazing to me. Here was an  amazing photographer,  in my eyes giving her secrets away.I was baffled as to why someone would do that. Surely she knew people could copy her, and steal her work. I didn’t realize at that time how hard it would be to do that, not that I tried to copy but my love for light had grown so much that I would try similar shots, and of course they would never look like hers, they never will.  She shared to much! and still does. That is one  of the things that I love about Liz. She truly is such a giving Artist! She has no idea how much I learned from her! She filled my daily feed with incredibly shots and words full of experience. I cannot thank her enough for that.

Valeria’s work was another Artist who I happened to come across on fb. I immediately adored her style. It had such a nostalgic edge, that I kept on constantly going back too. The way she captures her life and daughters, it was just a breath of fresh air.  The way she captures families, so effortless.  I knew I would try to incorporate some of that into my work, she has the ability to get and transform a single shot into pure gold. I don’t know her process at all, obviously. She might read this and think I’m bananas, because as we all it is not all that simple. But her work just makes me believe that it is. The makes tiny mundane moments worth remembering. She will forever be one of my favorites.

So as I continued immersing myself into more learning communities I heard about this amazing photographer named Joy Prouty. I had the chance to watch a free broadcast from an event she had done for Clickinmoms. The way she described her family and parenting, was enough for me to become a fan. Of course her work is just stunning, always a source of inspiration for me if I feel stuck, Her use of light and locations it outstanding, she fills me with wanderlust . Anyway, I fell in love with the descriptions of her life first. The imperfections of her life she shared with us, and the struggles of motherhood and doing it as we also are trying to have a business. She is without a doubt, a very beautiful soul. She once took a family road trip across the country with her four tiny humans and husband. If hat doesn’t say brave, I’m not sure what does. She is very surprising to me, always willing to roll with the punches. For that and many reasons I adore her work and is one of my favorites.

Ok last but not least, The always spectacular Summer Murdock. Gosh this lady! Every.single. image. of hers  makes me swoon! She is hard to miss. I am always entranced in her imagery. She always inspires me to see things from a new perspective.The infinite motion of her art makes me feel like I am there seeing it in person. Her use of color and emotion is my favorite. If I could be a photographer for a day, It would probably be Summer.

I hope to one day meet my heroes, or get a chance to learn from them. Nothing would be more of a dream come true than to get to be in their presence,  see their back of the camera, get to see them work their magic! To be able to thank them for their contributions to this photography community would be momentous.  Also they are on my bucket list, I will have a session with them sometime in the near future. I promise!

For now I will keep on learning through them, being inspired by them and continuing on my photography journey by also finding my voice.


Soaring high to reach my dreams.



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Project 5for5 days

More failures to add

So here I am. Last month I attempted a P/30 and I will humbly say that it was not a success.  My heart just was not into it. The images I took were not my best, it was like a chore to me. It was dreadful. Maybe I’m just not a “project ” person. I just have to accept it and move on. I’m at a point in my life where realizations are so incredibly welcomed. I have stopped trying to be someone I’m not, and this is another step in the right direction. Will I try again? Who knows , maybe. It was a little disappointing  to not pull through for myself for a month alone. But alas, some friends on facebook. tagged me to join along this week and share 5 for 5 days, easy enough right? Well here we go.. wish me luck.


Chicago Documentary and Story telling photographer – Short stories, crazy girl

Last days of summer are seriously cherished around here. Chicago’s weather is volatile at best. Soon comes those deep winter days , where the sun sets a four pm and we get to stay indoors all the time , sadly. On this day we headed to the Taste of Melrose Pk . We rode cool rides and ate lots of tacos.  We shopped around, well window shopped really. Little miss Zoe fell in love with a baby doll , that I obviously was not going to buy, I mean we have like… 20 babies. I wish I would have photographed the fit she threw, because it was a big one. No one was going to separate her from her long lost baby doll , she was in tears. I was slowly pulling her away …when Abuelo  (my dad) stepped in as most grandfathers do, and bought it for her. The lady from the shop wanted twenty dollars, and of course my dad bartered with her down to ten, I believe. Zoe pushed that dolly out of there in spite of my objections. She was as happy as can be.

At least I got to photograph her toting around this baby, and stopping traffic. I think she would call that day a success.
whimsy heart photography, chicago documentary and story telling photographer whimsy heart photography chicago documentary photographer whimsy heart photography , chicago documentary and story telling family photographer whimsy heart photography , chicago documentary and story telling family photographewhimsy heart photography , chicago documentary and story telling family photographe
whimsy heart photography , chicago documentary and story telling family photographewhimsy heart photography , chicago documentary and story telling family photographe

Chicago family Documentary & storytelling Photography – Short stories- change and turning 4

Change is scary. Then again, change is good. In the past recent months, we have moved to a new place and we are still getting used to it. Although we do miss our old neighborhood,Our new one is jammed packed with tiny families like ours. Soon Lucas will begin Prek, which will bring more change onto our routines. I want to add that I am a self- proclaimed change queen. I attended over 10 schools in my lifetime. Considering most kids go to 4 or 5 schools. That a whole bunch of new.

This past month Lucas also turned 4. He is considered a child now (sadly to my mama heart) . I’m not sure who made these guidelines up ; Baby, toddler, child, preteen…ect. They are kinda silly, and of course he is still my baby, but there is no denying he is loosing all of the things that made him my once chubby baby. For one, He has really embraced his role of big brother.He adores that girl to death.  He is taller and much faster, super strong. Also that brain is just insanely filled with his own ideas. He has opinions and judgments on activities. Its just a crazy explosion of learning. I know he is resilient, and he will embrace his new environment like a champ.

I can’t say kids are immune to change, but I do know that they are probably better at adjusting than us adults.
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Chicago family documentary and storytelling photography- short -stories

H e l l o

I recently joined the team for @thealbumsco on instagram. My first post was about daydreaming. I really got flashbacks of my daydreams, and what I have done so far to accomplish them. I said that ” I used to daydream about the life I am currently living” and it was so true. I am blissfully happy. God could not have blessed me with a better life. I am so thankful. While our future is a work in progress, and we have bills to pay and children to raise, I have the ability to look at my life and say that I love it. I get to stay home with my kiddos, and go on adventures daily if I wanted to. We are not rich, nor do I think we will ever be, but We are doing well and that’s all I could ever ask for. I am surrounded with the most amazing people. I have also learn to let go of those people that I have outgrown. I think that is one of the tougher challenges of growing up, learning to let go. Even with loosing some people, my community is growing, and I feel a sense of belonging, specially within the photography community.

Anyway, this life is good. This life is the one I wished for, and I am teaching my children to enjoy it. To savor the moments and not care about acquiring things. To see this borrowed time as an opportunity to do something special. I have finaly understood, “You reap what you sow”.

Visiting friends / Chicago documentary family photography

I met Jesica ( Yes that’s one S not a typo) online of course, through a very cool facebook group. I think what bonded us was our business name, as silly as it was. We hit if off immediately and have become great friends. She visited me back in April, and of course as our luck would dictate, it rained. Almost every day she was here. I had wanted to photograph both of them outside, and was seriously stumped for ideas on where to take them. Of course Jes figured it out and she found this huge beautiful greenhouse. It was awesome seeing these two beauties interact. We did however offer some bribing because I think Ava though that on her trip, she would get a break from the lens. Only to realize she was only adding another to the mix 😉 .

If you want to see some of Jes’ work check out her website & facebook page! She is unfortunately to far for me to have weekly play dates, commuting to PA is a bit far. Hopefully I can join her in her town in the future.