From homebirth to a full home, Edgewater Chicago IL newborn and family photographer

One of my favorite things about this job is the storytelling. With some families I have the joy and honor to capture full stories. I meet them right when they find out their life will change in the near future and I get a chance to see them at the different points in the road to that change. For Hannah + Eric I know it looked different. Being pregnant during a pandemic I’m sure was en experience on it’s own. Still we managed to capture all of the beauty of this incredible journey they were on. Take a peek at their Maternity session and their Home birth .


Baby Diego’s arrival | Bolingbrook newborn and family photographer

hello 2021

I can’t believe it’s a whole new year already. While yes, things are still dicey when it comes to photo sessions and more at home- work, I finally got to photograph my first at home newborn session since the pandemic started. I am the opposite of a homebody, so I’m so grateful for hikes and outdoor activities because I’m trying to stay home as much as possible to keep the health of my little clients safe. I was so excited that baby Diego finally made his appearance! I got to capture his parents this fall in a beautiful maternity session by the South shore in Chicago near Hyde Park. Now look at that beautiful boy that joined this little family. I’m sure it will take some time to get to meet extended family members for him but Im so happy he’s here and healthy as can be. I saw a couple so devoted to this little boy. Slightly exhausted but so excited to start their new life as a family of 3 + the beautiful furry siblings.

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Commercial work for Dockatot | Chicago family photography

I’m always so damn grateful for all of the opportunities this life has given me and continues to give me. I think that being in the industry that I am the comparison joy creeps in often. I have to constantly remind myself that my voice is what sets me apart. Last year I was awarded the opportunity to work on several campains for Dockatot. I learned so much from those experiences. Self sabotage and the feeling that I wasn’t good enough creep in often as well. I think it does for most of my sessions . But you know what, the voice that tells me that I CAN DO THIS is louder. It is the driving force behind owning my ability and power. I can absolutely fail, and will probably will fail more than win at this point. But I have learned that the losses give me more than my wins. I have no idea what any of that has to do with the images of this adorable baby and these cute products but I guess I just want anyone who might be reading this that no matter what hardship, you can do this. Fail, but with grace, knowing you will recover. The way up is hard but so rewarding.

Front porch session | Davison Family, Downtown Chicago session

During the middle of quarantine I offered my clients a tiny front porch session. This is the Davison’s beautiful front porch. I was so excited when I was the beautiful tree oasis right in front. Im always so happy when we can venture and do a few different things. It was so lovely to see them again. I had just photographed their birth story and getting to see a real life update

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Kathleen and her sweet new baby girl, morning session, Chicago and Oak Park’s best lifestyle photographer

Kathleen and her sweet new baby girl, morning session, Chicago and Oak Park’s best lifestyle photographer

“I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”

― Mitch Albom

Working on this campain for the different types of families around the Chicagoland area was so insanely wonderful. This newly formed family constist of Mom and her brand new baby girl. I was absolutely in awe of her story and the way she depicted making the choice to become a mother. I always think that parenthood is such a blessing and in so many ways we sometimes we are constantly learning and evolving. In my own journey it has been absolutely important that my childern understand just how loved and wanted their lives are to my story. When Kathleen recounts her story to her beautiful daughter, there will be no doubt that she was absolutely meant to be her daughter, and how loved she is.

McCallum Family, six months later | Itasca IL family photographer

McCallum Family, six months later | Itasca IL family photographer

I am so damn honored to have seen this family twice this year. I cant believe how gorgeous and big baby L has gotten. I met this family back early this year as I was a backup for their home birth. They blew me away with their kindness and just how excited they were to wecome the surprise baby. I eneded up capturing his incredible arrival.

Also can I say just how beautiful this sunset was, we were lucky with such a warm October day. The kids had a blast exploring and you can see just how much they all love each other.


Off beat sunset newborn session | Oak Park family photography

Off beat sunset newborn session | Oak Park family photography

I met Lacy at a starbucks with her little family, as they were on the hunt for a photographer. I was honored to have been able to interview with them. From the moment I met her her beautiful positive demeanor just drew me in. We went through our year checking in, I photographed her maternity session, we prepped and got ready for the upcoming birth. The day of the birth unplanned situations occured and she really showed more of her true self. The way she handled the changes were beautiful. I saw a human break down and pick herself up. I saw a partner completely support the love they share, and be there spiriually and physically. & then these photos were two weeks later. Can’t you just feel the radiating love? This sweet baby girl could not be more loved. I love her story! I often think of the times in the future when birth images will be shared, and how inpactful it will be for her, to see the strenght and the love that was shared on the one night in July. Their little union is unbreakable. I cannot wait to see how they evolve, also can we talk about the doting brother. They are just too much !

Birth is powerful, and I am so lucky to be able to capture it. If you’re interested in having your birth photographer click here!

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Photo session with summer clouds in Itasca IL | Adri De La Cruz Chicago family photographer

Photo session with summer clouds in Itasca IL | Adri De La Cruz Chicago family photographer

Don’t you love when things come full circle. I took this sweet boy’s newborn photos and I recently got a chance to see him again and now he’s sporting some quite peculiar and most beautiful red gorgeous locks of hair. I honestly couldn’t believe it. But coming from a family that has a little bit of everything I was just in awe of it.

Did I mention that they are the sweetest little family. Click here to see their newborn session ! I hope I get a chance to capture this little one again and be able to see the progression of him and not going to lie, check in on that beautiful hair.

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A little time in the sun, commercial shoot| River Forest IL, family photography, Adri De La Cruz

A little time in the sun, commercial shoot| River Forest IL, family photography, Adri De La Cruz

An amazing company reached out for this shoot! So I headed out to these beautiful woods in River Forest IL. It’s such an amazing town. Pay’s family was just so stunning. This little baby was so chill and easy going, she really made my job so easy. Every time she had a moment, dad would put on baby shark and she was all smiles.

One of the most important aspects of my job is making sure I capture families in their truth. & Have their love be reflected 100%. So it was so much fun to capture their love. Also I was so grateful for the cooler sun shine day. In Illinois we really have to be mindful of ticks and other bugs.

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3 Month session of baby Alex | Chicago + west suburbs best family photographer

3 Month session of baby Alex | Chicago + west suburbs best family photographer

I made it, I finally got to see this beautiful boy again.

He was my first hospital birth, my only complaint would be those thin mattresses used for the birthing partner to sleep on, holy ouch. That’s a no from me. lol. How do they make partners nap or even sleep overnight there? I was able to test them out during my birth session with them. While uncomfortable It was still such an honor to see this sweet little guy make his very vocal entrance onto this world.

I couldn’t believe how alert and big he had gotten. I know a ton of my colleagues are not fond of 3 months sessions because babies are not able to sit or do much. But that’s the point!!! (me with my shouty exclamation points) They are this lovely tiny human just needing their moms just as much as a newborn while smiling and cooing and just being rad.

bring on more 3-month sessions, please!

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