The PNW- Chicago lifestyle and documentary photographer

The PNW- Chicago lifestyle and documentary photographer
So last year I dragged my family to Click away. 

I’ve been holding onto these images for no reason at all. Other than feeling overwhelmed to blog them. So I finally narrowed down some faves and got my act together, time just flies and its already going to be a year since them. While I don’t have that many photos of the actual Click away event I do have these of my kids.

We drove 4 hours from our downtown Seattle location, to make a Twilight fan dreams come true. It was so worth it. Granted the drive was longer than our flight but who cares.

My photos do not give this place its rightful justice. My kid is begging to go again, and I think we might have to. If you make it to the end you’re the real MVP.

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Chicago Documentary & Storytelling Photography / Short Stories / Cloudy day

( I have been trying to think of a way to blog more personal stuff. It is honestly daunting with out any inspiration. That’s why I created the Short Stories series for me. As a way to capture the everyday and have it make sense in my brain and in my blog. Hopefully I can stick to blogging more and sharing the beauty of the everyday this way.)

C l o u d y  D a y //

A year ago I wouldn’t have even thought of bringing my camera out on a cloudy day . I was so in-love with sunset, backlit images, that it was clouding my vision (Pun intended)a bit. I joined the Erin Hensley 365 group and all the different light possibilities she explores, have quite frankly taken me by surprise. I have learned so much!, and feel so much more inspired than ever before. Also the group for Goodbye Posing Guide has been incredible. Everyday seeing inspiration of amazing artist who are also learning and on a journey of their own is enough to get me going for my  camera daily. I am so pumped to seek out all that I love about photography and share it here with you all.

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