Front porch session | Davison Family, Downtown Chicago session

During the middle of quarantine I offered my clients a tiny front porch session. This is the Davison’s beautiful front porch. I was so excited when I was the beautiful tree oasis right in front. Im always so happy when we can venture and do a few different things. It was so lovely to see them again. I had just photographed their birth story and getting to see a real life update

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Davison birth at Prentice Hospital | Downtown Chicago family and birth photography

Davison birth at Prentice Hospital | Downtown Chicago family and birth photography

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.”
― C. JoyBell C.

Birth is such a high. After every single birth I leave with a little bit of strength and joy. It’s absolutely joyus to see a birthing human relish in their strength. To actively see someone reach a finish line is incredible. Birth is always such a team effort, this beautiful couple worked together with a lovely goal in mind. Meeting sweet little miss A. The funny thing about birth is how unpredictable it can be, for this experience it seemed that everything happened so quick. But the pushing was such a prolonged state for this mama, variations of normal. Her absolute grace shone so brightly . She worked and worked her body into so much in order to meet her daughter. Womxn are amazing.

As always I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of this story. & I have already seen this beautiful family again. & they are doing wonderful even with this wild and crazy current

Baby W | Itasca IL – At home newborn lifestyle photographer

Baby W | Itasca IL – At home newborn lifestyle photographer

New life near the holidays.

I photographed this sweet little family right before Christmas. They were so gracious and inviting. Meeting new parents always takes me back to my own experiences. Baby W is the luckiest little dude. His parent gushed on him the whole time. My favorite part was getting the first baby, their pup, more willing to be near the baby. I think he was feeling protective since a new human was there. Anyway I’m glad he was all over the baby as well. Their beautiful home not only served as a wonderful backdrop for all the love but it was cozy and in between such a cute town. Take a peek at their session


In the baby’s room

The city lights are
In the curtains…
Gentle as rain,
Quiet as snowflakes”

-john geddes



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Project 5for5 days

More failures to add

So here I am. Last month I attempted a P/30 and I will humbly say that it was not a success.  My heart just was not into it. The images I took were not my best, it was like a chore to me. It was dreadful. Maybe I’m just not a “project ” person. I just have to accept it and move on. I’m at a point in my life where realizations are so incredibly welcomed. I have stopped trying to be someone I’m not, and this is another step in the right direction. Will I try again? Who knows , maybe. It was a little disappointing  to not pull through for myself for a month alone. But alas, some friends on facebook. tagged me to join along this week and share 5 for 5 days, easy enough right? Well here we go.. wish me luck.


Chicago newborn photographer – Fresh 48 baby K

Fresh 48, Sweet baby Kellen.
My first ever fresh session, and I am completely hooked.
Kellen was such a sweetheart. He is the third boy for Michelle, and she still was swooning just as if he was her first. Michelle of course looked stunning. I loved the relaxed setting for these sessions. I know hospitals are a source of anxiety for some. I weirdly love hospitals, I think mainly because my children were born there, and coming back brings back those excited feelings.