At home, baby h| Chicago and suburbs newborn photographer

At home, baby h| Chicago and suburbs newborn photographer

And along came this sweet boy. Baby H.

I cannot tell you how so very beautiful it is to see a family grow. From the moment I stepped inside their home, you just knew love was a little bit stronger. They gushed and swooned over their new baby boy.  You can’t blame them, just look at that gorgeous profile. He slept almost the whole time, and rewarded our photo taking with a bit of pee on his parents covers.

I got to interact with this beautiful family once more, and hopefully I get to again.




Chicago Documentary & Storytelling Photographer-JRP headshots


I had so much fun exchanging Head shots with this beautiful lady. She is the owner of Jessica Rassmusen Photography. Jessica was amazing! It was,I believe an awkward experience for the both of us. I still had so much fun. She is one of those wild spirits, who flows freely and goes where her heart dictates. At least that is what I got from speaking to her. She is currently in Illlinois, but close to moving her whole family of four to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I am so excited for her, and I can’t wait to read and see where the journey takes her. Can you believe she has two kiddos. Nope, I can’t either.
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Siblings //Chicago documentary photography

Two of  you. 

Just another day in June.Out and about with these two.  Playing together will come later, I’m assuming. For now they both fight over that one object that a minute ago no one thought about and now is a gold trophy. I can’t wait to see the friendship build. Lucas is already a crazy protector. Zoe, only cares about copying everything he does. Oh, I so believe in my heart Lucas was born to be a big brother. I am happy for this crazy girl that we brought into his life. 


Chicago Documentary & Storytelling Photography / Short Stories / Cloudy day

( I have been trying to think of a way to blog more personal stuff. It is honestly daunting with out any inspiration. That’s why I created the Short Stories series for me. As a way to capture the everyday and have it make sense in my brain and in my blog. Hopefully I can stick to blogging more and sharing the beauty of the everyday this way.)

C l o u d y  D a y //

A year ago I wouldn’t have even thought of bringing my camera out on a cloudy day . I was so in-love with sunset, backlit images, that it was clouding my vision (Pun intended)a bit. I joined the Erin Hensley 365 group and all the different light possibilities she explores, have quite frankly taken me by surprise. I have learned so much!, and feel so much more inspired than ever before. Also the group for Goodbye Posing Guide has been incredible. Everyday seeing inspiration of amazing artist who are also learning and on a journey of their own is enough to get me going for my  camera daily. I am so pumped to seek out all that I love about photography and share it here with you all.

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Chicago family photographer – Dryfhout family 2014

D R Y F H O U T family.
Holy smokes! If you’ve ever wondered what the perfect family looks like, well here it is!. These kiddos were a photographers dream, no muss or fuss. They made my job such a breeze. The love between this little family of four is felt far beyond these photographs. 10 lovely years in the making.

d1Dryfhout 2014 (56)


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the Menchacas

men2 menchacasblog

A more beautiful blended family , you will not be able to find.

but those boys aren’t just beautiful on the outside. They are also some of the sweetest boys ever.

They were a blast, they completely love each other, they were willing to hug & even kiss each other on the cheek 🙂

There was never a dull moment with them.