The Anderson Family | a beautiful cloudy morning at Busse Woods In Elk Grove Village

So we managed to see a few beautiful elk cows in the grass on this lovely morning. I love when I meet new families especially close to the holiday season. I learned that Mama is a native to Minnesota and Dad is originally from Wisconin so naturally baby was not even going to be remotely bothered by the slight chill in the air. We had originally planned for a sunset session but you know how weather is and we landed on this lovely cloudy morning. It honestly worked out perfectly. The rich beautiful colors in this gorgeous backdrop have to be a new favorite. & can we just talk about the adorable pup. Oh my goodness. I hope I get more and more clients with their dogs. I couldn’t be more of a dog person if I tried.

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Orland Park IL, Meha family session | Adri De La Cruz family photographer

A few weeks ago I did this beautiful session at 3:30 pm. Why is that relevant? well if you’re a photographer, then you know how difficult brighter light can be for a session especially with little kiddos. They move fast and they’re unpredictable. Most of the space in this location was also very open. But if you know me, you know that I love a challenge. The Meha family was so beautiful ( as you can see from the photos obv) the babies are actually twins and it’s so funny to me how genes work and how unlike each other they actualy were. I absolutely enjoyed getting to know them, twins run in their family. For mom in both of her parent’s families, so it was def set in the stars to have her be a twin mom. They came in looking so sharp and I am so in love with these images, wide open spaces and a beautiful family in front of it is one of my favorites. I loved the beautiful blue contrasting sky. I hope that they trasure these for years to come.


Front porch session | Davison Family, Downtown Chicago session

During the middle of quarantine I offered my clients a tiny front porch session. This is the Davison’s beautiful front porch. I was so excited when I was the beautiful tree oasis right in front. Im always so happy when we can venture and do a few different things. It was so lovely to see them again. I had just photographed their birth story and getting to see a real life update

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Fresh 48 Baby Ana Maria | Best Downtown Chicago and West suburbs newborn photographer

I came back to visit with this little lady the day after her birth. It was so worth it to be able to see her lovely face again with a little less puffyness and much more calmness. I would honestly recommend a fresh 48 if you budget doesn’t allow for a birth package. It did seem thought that over night the covid guidelines got that much tougher, the air had changed. There was a heavier feeling that things were about to change. This baby was slightly early and I’m so grateful I was able to be a part of documenting her arrival. Also how cute are her grandparents. They were there to welcome her the night before and stayed for a while to help around. I bet they were an amazing help.

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What a year ! Chicago family photographer

What a year ! Chicago family photographer

This year, no scratch that. This decade has been full of amazing surprises. 2019 was such a revelation. It was a huge year for growth and understanding personally, but also a tremendous year for my business. I want to thank all of my incredible clients that took a chance on me this year. I met some of the loveliest humans, but I also had so many families returning with their own crazy changes and growth. Photography can enable us to capture much more than an image. And I am so lucky to be able to do this. Here is a quick blog of my very own little bunch. We thrive on sponteneity and imprefection.


The Beck family | Lincoln Park IL, family photographer

The Beck family | Lincoln Park IL, family photographer

What an absolute joy was this family. They had the sweetest back story, and one of the amazing and most funniest things is that they both have the same name. They were a part of a Dockatot campain to celebrate all kinds of different families.

Baby O was so calm and beautiful. You could see that she knew just how loved she was. I hope you enjoy these images.

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Ajani, Hyde Park newborn session | Adri De La Cruz Photographer

Ajani, Hyde Park newborn session | Adri De La Cruz Photographer

Strong like thunder he came.

While I wasn’t able to be present during his birth, I heard all about her birth plan for him. His mom had all the confidence it took to educate herself and have the birth she always wanted. At home surrounded by light and love. She is definitely full of tenacity.

I should also point out that they were in a midst of a move and we chose a sweet spot to do this session at. Two walls and a window, so if you’re thinking an at home session isn’t for you because of your clutter and space, well I’m here to prove to you that it is possible to create beautiful images with very little.

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Photo session with summer clouds in Itasca IL | Adri De La Cruz Chicago family photographer

Photo session with summer clouds in Itasca IL | Adri De La Cruz Chicago family photographer

Don’t you love when things come full circle. I took this sweet boy’s newborn photos and I recently got a chance to see him again and now he’s sporting some quite peculiar and most beautiful red gorgeous locks of hair. I honestly couldn’t believe it. But coming from a family that has a little bit of everything I was just in awe of it.

Did I mention that they are the sweetest little family. Click here to see their newborn session ! I hope I get a chance to capture this little one again and be able to see the progression of him and not going to lie, check in on that beautiful hair.

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Winter Magic at home Orland Park, IL | Adri De La Cruz chicago family photographer

Winter Magic at home Orland Park, IL | Adri De La Cruz chicago family photographer

Oh my heart!

It is such a joy to do this job. It’s crazy to think that I captured that sweet child’s newborn photos. Now she’s this rambunctious big kid who just made every image glow with her sweet soul. I was beyond thrilled when Angelina reached out to capture them in their new home for the holidays. I am now getting around to sharing these. Let me tell you a little about how much love I feel when I am in their presence. Nothing but happy kids and inviting personalities. I always leave their session so full of content.

I won’t lie, I am full on wandering what this beautiful estate looks like in the summer. I hope you love these lovely images.


Kid in some golden light at her orland park illinois home
kid in the snow smiling
big kid smiling
sisters enjoying the snow
sisters smiling and happy
sisters hugguging
sisters in the snow

Evangelista, colossal hospital birth of a beautiful boy | Adri De La Cruz, Chicago + west suburbs best birth photographer

Evangelista, colossal hospital birth of a beautiful boy | Adri De La Cruz, Chicago + west suburbs best birth photographer

“My mother groaned, my father wept,
into the dangerous world I leapt.” 
― William Blake

The power of women never ceases to amaze me. This was by far the longest birth of my portfolio, and it was full of beautiful drama and a boy that surely made an entrance. She had a plan, and she fulfilled it. I saw as she transformed herself into the type of person that births fo gracefully. Apart from all tears of relief at the end, you felt an insane, huge wave of love just washing over everyone. No the journey wasn’t easy for this mama and she had to give it her all, but that boy was worth it.

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