Chicago family photographer – Dryfhout family 2014

D R Y F H O U T family.
Holy smokes! If you’ve ever wondered what the perfect family looks like, well here it is!. These kiddos were a photographers dream, no muss or fuss. They made my job such a breeze. The love between this little family of four is felt far beyond these photographs. 10 lovely years in the making.

d1Dryfhout 2014 (56)


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Chicago senior photographer / Blanca 2014

Alright, I am on a mission to catch up.

B L A N C A fantastic at math. She is a self proclaimed Everyday Feminist & has tried unsuccessfully to become a vegetarian but will attempt again soon. She is a lover of animals, and babies. One day she hopes to achieve her goal of becoming a Midwife.
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Late night catch up.

…. I swear this blog gets less action than Jay Cutler.. Ha!! lol. Yes I went there!.

Anyway. I will be hopefully in here writing and sharing many of my 2014 sessions.

Zoe’s baptism. Lets start with something personal. I adore my baby girl, and I was very excited when we finally had the opportunity to have her before god. We love it when our families come together. Its the best part of having children. 13a 14 1 1b 3 8 10 12 12a