Chicago children photographer – almost one pt-1

Zoe, almost one. You can kiss babyhood goodbye, after one. It is like one day she woke up and knew how to do it all interdependently. I am taking it all in, since she is my last baby. I am cherishing this crooked smile which she has now filled up, no longer does it look [...]

Chicago newborn photographer – Fresh 48 baby K

Fresh 48, Sweet baby Kellen. My first ever fresh session, and I am completely hooked. Kellen was such a sweetheart. He is the third boy for Michelle, and she still was swooning just as if he was her first. Michelle of course looked stunning. I loved the relaxed setting for these sessions. I know hospitals [...]

Chicago – Family- Photographer – Menchaca family

Menchaca family Once of the most wonderful families I know. I am so very excited because this year, I get to watch these two walk down the isle. I get to see their love unite, and complete a family. It makes me so incredibly happy for them. They deserve nothing but happiness for many years [...]

Chicago family photographer- Riney family session 2014

R Y N E Y family. This session was a doozey. One of the biggest, as far as the amount of people included, but also as far as heart + love is concerned. As a gift from the daughter in law to the beloved grandma, I was in charge of delivering photographs that conveyed how [...]

Chicago Family Photographer – Falicetti family

F A L I C E T T I family! We had a brand new adventure this year around. Last year little J was not a runner! This year I saw his brand new excitement for exploring. The same I saw in my own child as he learned to walk. He was also about to [...]

Chicago family photographer – Dryfhout family 2014

D R Y F H O U T family. Holy smokes! If you've ever wondered what the perfect family looks like, well here it is!. These kiddos were a photographers dream, no muss or fuss. They made my job such a breeze. The love between this little family of four is felt far beyond these [...]

Chicago senior photographer / Blanca 2014

Alright, I am on a mission to catch up. B L A N C A fantastic at math. She is a self proclaimed Everyday Feminist & has tried unsuccessfully to become a vegetarian but will attempt again soon. She is a lover of animals, and babies. One day she hopes to achieve her goal of [...]