Chicago senior photographer / Blanca 2014

Alright, I am on a mission to catch up.

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Dear god! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!

^ That is what I was chanting as I left the session with this wonderful family. Seriously!. Just imagine four girls. Expectations can soon fly out the window, specially when you’re working with photographing  children. It was noon, and not my favorite time of the day. We have a love hate relationship, the sun & I.

All I can say is that goodness gracious they were so incredibly good to me. The second to oldest baby girl was our wild card, and I can honestly say I hope to photograph this amazing bunch again.Meyer Family  2014 (10) Meyer Family  2014 (11) Meyer Family  2014 (12) Meyer Family  2014 (2) Meyer Family  2014 (3) Meyer Family  2014 (4) Meyer Family  2014 (7) Meyer Family  2014 (8) Meyer Family  2014 (9)   COUPLEGIRLSMeyer Family  2014 (25) Meyer Family  2014 (5) Meyer Family  2014 (6) Meyer Family  2014 (19) Meyer Family  2014 (24)

I absolutely suck at blogging

Why do I suck so much you ask? … I haven’t the slightest clue. It could be because I have a million and one words in my head ready to be spilled, and can’t find a way to put it in type??!! lol is that a thing?. anyway,  I absolutely suck at blogging but since Fb is acting bananas, this shall be the new way to reach you. fb2

the Menchacas

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A more beautiful blended family , you will not be able to find.

but those boys aren’t just beautiful on the outside. They are also some of the sweetest boys ever.

They were a blast, they completely love each other, they were willing to hug & even kiss each other on the cheek 🙂

There was never a dull moment with them.

zoe is here, sweet pea apple of my eye


My sweet baby girl was born 2.17.13

It was a quick birth. I arrived at the hospital at 10:50 and she was earth side at 12:50.

She was born naturally in the water, without complications.

it was a surreal and very beautiful experience. I planned and worked hard to get the birth I wanted. I searched for a midwife practice and stumbled across some amazing doulas. I practiced my hypno-babies daily. I also surrounded myself with positive birth stories. I switched my perception that birth was hard, to it being positive and normal. My body was made to birth my babies. 

Surprisingly I never got scared, like i did with my previous birth. I was pretty confident in my choices, and knew  was in the right hands. My husband is my rock, and couldn’t have found a better person to have by my side.

I am so happy to finally have her here, specially after suffering two losses before trying to conceive her. Life isn’t always fair, but I know I wouldn’t change a thing because I know get to hold her.

I am complete.


(photo taken by Doula Andrea)