Baby Sully home session at farmhouse near Chicago IL

There is a big special place in my heart for this beautiful family! My beautiful friend Kayla had her 6th lovely boy and I couldn’t be happier for them. They have this incredible energy about them, all of them sweet and so caring. Kayla and her husband are doing an incredible job. I love how much we play when I get to come over. they make my job so easy. Their empathy overflows! and they share their food with me! on this occasion I brought them some yummy cinnamon rolls from whole food and I think I was their favorite person for that hour ha!.

One thing I will say is that I love a good challenge. 6 babies, a lot to coordinate but this was fun! The oldest kids are such great big brothers and helped so much. the little ones were harder to wrangle but we managed! the beauty of capturing what is!

baby newborn feet details
mom holding babies hand during newborn session
baby reskin on moms shoulder
mom and dad looking at their new baby

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