Montrose beach point sanctuary, sunny morning family session in Chicago IL

Sometimes kiddos aren’t as warm to me as quickly as their parents would want and that’s ok. This little cute kiddo was a bit apprehensive to start, honestly the camera can be so intimidating. I always get the clients who’s first comment is “what do I do with my hands” haha that is always something that makes me laugh. How acutely aware we become of things when there is a barrel of a camera point at us. To that question, the answer is someone else, wrap them around, hold someone. Caressing and love is what I love to photograph.

The Montrose bird point beach is a beautiful location! and if you’re wanting a mix of texture and the city in the background, it is the perfect location for kids to explore and help their easiness for a busy photography session. This family was so kind and sweet. Even with the apprehension, this kiddo gave us to many cute moments to work with!

dad holding his daughter up
kid laughing

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