My birthday buddy, a home birth in Arlington Heights IL

If one thing can tell you about the thoughtfulness of this family, It would be that my name was kindly added the the names of birthdays on July 19th. I mean just how sweet is that also its the day I came in on call for this sweet baby. This was my second time working with this amazing family. The second home birth I have been a part of as for them as well. I was extremely excited to be there for my birthday. What are the odds! This poor mama was also 2 weeks post dude date on top of that.

This birth was pretty calm. Plenty of more waiting for mom unfortunately but at least the day had arrived. Dad was as supportive as ever, and just like last time both sets of grandmas were present. Big brothers were also there to welcome their new sibling. The gender was a surprise. I had told My client Sarah that I had dreamt she had baby days leading up and told me she no longer needed me, and that it was a girl. & guess what! it was a cute little baby girl. How wild is that. My dream was pretty funny.

All in all it was a magical birth to be a part of. This family always has me leaving with all of the best vibes, every human is just so incredible.

mirror reflection of mother
oldest son looking at mom
shower silhouette
baby being born in tub at home
baby girl is born at home
dad emotional after meeting new daughter at home birth

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