Hospital birth photography Chicago IL, Gabriel comes into the world

No matter where you choose to birth your sweet little being into this world, I am always so honored to be a part of the team. Birth photography is magical because you see so much strength and transformation. Sophia had a pretty laid back active labor, she did so well. First time moms birthing ( from experience) can be so unpredictable, but you have to surrender and accept that many things will be out of our control. I feel like Sophia rode the wave of acceptance. and I was there to capture all of the images of her and her husband. Her beautiful maternity images were so special to shoot as well.

Being in a hospital setting is a little different than being at home. For photographers the challenge at the hospital is being ” allowed to ” do certain things and maintain the level of vulnerability in a more controlled landscape. Lighting can be a little better however since they require visibility at all times. I’ve also had the best experiences with the staff for the most part at the hospitals. This Hospital was no different.

above shot at hospital birth
mom struggling through contractions
getting prepped to start pushing
fresh baby

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