A Memorable Encounter: Meeting my brand new niece in Fresno CA for the first time.

I got a chance to photograph my brand new niece on my latest trip to California. My extended family and I traveled to California to meet her and it was the loveliest time. We rented a huge airbnb my aunts and mom made breakfast everyday to my siblings and I, I mean we didn’t eat out any of the days because we had my aunts and mom making delicious food, not cause they had to but because being under one roof all of us was so insanely cool. We played pin pong outside, enjoyed the sun, laughed, held the baby a bunch. I actually helped put her down a few times and we all gave my sister in law a few moments to be.

It had been a while since the last baby in the family, 9 years to the date actually, I decided to have babies in my early 20’S. No regrets there but my kids grew up without cousins, now we have a beautiful baby girl to cherish.

We took a moment to capture the 3 of them as a brand new family. My brother, my sister in law and the sweet new little baby girl. She is the happiest baby on the block no joke. It was so cool to see my brother in his new role and to witness my sister in law being the best mom. Yes, we all did in fact fight over who could hold sweet baby M. She is so loved and were excited to continue to shower her w all the love to come.


family in bed bird eye view
mom and dad kissing

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