Amigas at the coffee shop photoshoot, Chicago IL

You better believe I left this session just elated from working with all of these beautiful ladies. We started our photoshoot together at the Colectivo coffee shop in Wicker Park. There I captured them enjoying each others presence. They read some fun questions and played cards with each other, tears were shed, loud belly laughs were heard too. Nothing better than good coffee and good company. These images don’t even do them justice, they were a joy to work with and just to witness. Also shout out to the other patrons for being so kind and allowing this shoot without additional people ha! After the coffee shop we headed the a Mariano’s parking lot and a few other street shots, you know Chicago is just the coolest. I love every single frame.


friends talking over coffee
friends hugging
colectivo card game playing between friends
chicago rooftop with friends

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