Baby Hunter so loved in Wilmette IL newborn photography session

My heart was so full after capturing this beautiful family in their home. It was the first time in weeks that the sun came out in the new year, and boy did it come out! It added a layer to the beauty of this session. The sun has a way of always doing that. In the deep of winter it can be a little bit of hope and reminder that warmer days are to come.

This session was also a beautiful reminder of warmth and love, these two awesome dads being ever so present and completely gushing over their new baby boy was pure perfection. Who, by the way was brought to this world via his aunt. Just when I think I have a grasp on love, I encounter new ways in which humans show up for each other. Family after all is the greatest love story.

This session was as effortless as it looks in the images below. I really felt so much love in every corner of this home.Full of art and photographs a whole life lived, those are my favorite spaces. Now with this session a new bunch of art to pour on the walls. More love to share and more warmth and light to add.


baby in crib
dad's kissing
dad's smiling in their newborn session
dad's holding kissing
parents on bed
baby on couch during newborn session
dad's near window

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