Home birth is here to stay and I’m here to photograph it, Chicago IL

Ha. Whenever I tell a person interested in what I do that I photograph Births, they always think I mean birds. Perhaps it’s a little bit of my accent (TH ending words are hard) and English is my second language. Then we have this little awkward exchange where I explain I mean BIRTH, humans giving birth. Their faces are always a mix of awe, curiosity and concern especially after I say home birth. I am so proud and it fills me with great joy to know that I do such a unique job. That people hire me to create art our of their most intimate moments. I am a trusted part of a team that welcomes a little one onto the world. Birth is raw and real and a mix of power and vulnerability, buckets full of vulnerability.

I was lucky enough to be hired for this beautiful family’s second home birth. Hannah is an incredible mama and human. I’m so glad I got to witness all of their strength together again. This second birth was a bit different. I even got to get a little nap in. Birth is so unpredictable and I live for that unpredictability. I always cry, the minute baby is here and you see the relief on moms face. I peel my own face away from my camera to look at the new mom with my own eyes. It’s like the world stops for a minute. Something marvelous just occurred, it is magic.


mom in birth photography

a black and white image of the parent napping

baby check at home birth
hands during home birth
a pensive moment during birth

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