A fun at home family session in Evanston IL with the Chelebek family

An early morning session at home. Without having to wrangle the kids out, without having to put on shoes on everyone, and wondering wether you forgot something. Relaxed, well sort off. We know life is chaos. We embrace it, we know it won’t be perfect. But this, the time we have now is real and we can capture it on a beautiful Sunday sunny morning at your home.

These types of sessions are not for everyone, it takes letting go of perfection, it takes letting go period. Not letting that nagging little voice in our heads win. You know that voice, the one that questions if your house is “pretty” enough or our hair perfect or wondering if we put on some weight.

The Chelebek family was so dang sweet and those two girls are absolutely so loved. We played in a tree house, we sand ring around the Rosie. The energetic Dalmatian chased us, we laughed and finished the session in their rooms. They might have hit a few snags jumping on the bed, collisions can be hard to avoid sometimes, but I had a lovely time. My job is so much fun!


kid inside treehouse
puppy tail
kids jumping on the bed
dad holding daughter upside down at home family session in Evanston IL

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