It’s so typically me to have white sneakers in gravel and dirt and completely ruin them immediately. I knew the terrain and I made those choices. sigh. I’m catching up on blogging. it’s been a while since I added some personal work in my little humble part of the Internet. I’ve been enjoying my Summer in case you were wondering, completely having a lovely time in the sun. The fall is now among us and Its my busiest season so I’m staying a float closing in on the last of the outdoor sessions for 2022. I did in fact do another cross country drive, this time with more people and more drivers and more ability to take in the beauty of the road. I had a lot of time in the back seat to work and enjoy w my oldest. We watched Malcom in the middle as he reluctantly gave it a chance. I knew he would laugh at it like I do, we have similar humor. We hit a deer on the way just outside of Nebraska, it definitely scared my youngest but thankfully we were all ok. I also had so much time to think and do one of my favorite things which is listen to music and think of the people I LOVE. All and all it was a beautiful trip. More memories for my kids to share and to remember fondly. Btw public art is so special, treat is well. Seven magic mountains are beautiful but they’ve been changed, is it a contribution to the art or does it take away from it, What do you think?

colorful rock art near Las Vegas Nv

girl with sand in eyes
close up blurry photo of girl holding rock
mom and kids in front of colorful rocks art
seven magic mountiains

seven magic mountains Las Vegas Nevada

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