33, another year around the sun

I had a little time in between early morning birthday coffee and my kids sleeping in til the absolute latest to come in this space to share a few words on my birthday. Birthdays are so special, and I do not take my ability to exist in this beautiful world for granted. I am in such an incredible space of gratitude and I am growing day by day. Here are a few words I would say to little me….

3 yr old me- You have two more years as the only kid, live it up babe… haha

13yr old me- While the world is confusing and lonely, this chaos you feel inside will be future fuel to bring forth your wildest dreams, use it well.

23yr old me- Damn parenting is hard, but you are doing amazing! You don’t know it yet but you are breaking generational curses by being intentional and gentle with those babies. You suffered another loss but your daughter is coming and she will soften your mother wound unlike no other.

and one more to the future, to 43yr old me, wherever you are, I hope you always remember how loved you are.

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