Kolhoft at home family session, Addison IL

This lovely little family invited me into their space earlier this year. Two year olds and babies together are a challenge as always. It always amazes me how big toddlers are but how much they are still a baby in many ways. So many changes and the expansion of love and exhaustion. I can tell my clients are doing their best. Being a parent is so hard. But that is the beauty of photography, being able to have these images to reflect on this brand new and changing time in our lives. A time that will be missed and a time that even though it’s full of learning and plenty of ups and downs it is also full of beauty.


Full family in the frame at home
left - photograph of baby in black and white 

right- mom and dad kissing holding their babies
photograph of baby brothers and parents
close up shots of newborn
mom and dad doting over baby boy
little baby in tow mom and dad kissing
big brother and little brother in crib

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