Graham’s home birth, Chicago Birth photographer

(All images are shared with permission)

Birth has a way of shooting adrenaline coursing through your veins. I have been photographing babies entering the world for 5 years now and the elation of the birth day is still at 100! I got the text message that things were progressing in the morning. I was able to get up, get dressed, get my kiddos ready and place them in the bus for school. It was so calm and effortless, morning births are pretty fantastic I have to say haha.

When I arrived Liz, Kat’s sister was incredibly welcoming and so so lovely. She prepared us snacks, everyone took a covid test and we settled in. Kat and Eric were upstairs. I love that I captured Kat’s smile as one of the first images. If you’ve birthed a human, you know it get’s tougher and tougher to smile. Kat birthed completely supported by her amazing husband. She was able to rest and eat plenty of popsicles.

Kat birthed her sweet little guy in the tub a few hours after sunset. Liz had baked an amazing vegan cake and we popped some bubbly! it was truly a wonderful celebration of love. I am so honored to have been a part of capturing Kat’s home birth journey. Louise her wonderful doula was there every step of the way, as well as her husband, sister and midwife. I was a part of her amazing team and I couldn’t be more honored.


Dad supporting his wife during birth
mom on top of birthing ball
doula helping mom during home birth
mom holding dad's hand
dad supporting mom during home birth
mom and dad in embrace during home birth
mom in shower
mom in shower embracing dad
mom hugging doula during home birth
contraction during home birth
calm moment during home birth

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