Charlie and her mama, Oak Brook IL family photographer

When Char was 3mos I started babysitting her, My little one was about to be 3yrs old and so I had these two little ladies at home all day. Today these two are inseparable. Z takes care of her little cousin fiercely and Char adores her older cousin to pieces. & of course Char and I love each other so much! She calls me and asks me about my day. The other day she called to ask what Zoe’s school was called so her mom could buy a house near by and she could attend. Lol I sat there listening to her spell out each letter back to me. I hope this never changes and they get to maintain this beautiful relationship with each other.

I had a chance to photograph Char and her mama, who I consider a friend and who is so beautiful and lovely. We support each other and have been there for each other regardless of not being family. I’ve seen Amber blossom under single parenthood and it has been such a great example for me, in my own journey. We fight everyday to get to redraw what it means to be a family post break up.

Enjoy these lovely photographs of this amazing mom and daughter duo.


kid running
portrait of a girl
mom and daughter oak brook Il
mom and daughter holding hands walking in Oak Brook Il

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