Crazy weather session with the Lopez family, Maywood IL

Well in true Chicago and surrounding suburbs fashion we experienced every single weather stop in one day, the snow and sun and everything in between. I couldn’t think of a better family to experience all of that with than with the Lopez family. If you want to be inspired for change and all of the good things in the world than I would encourage you to follow along on their adventures. They are a family who not only wish for change but they are making change happen. In real time. They are wonderfully invested in their community and living their words out loud. It has been a pleasure to see their multiple projects take shape and be a witness to their faith and love.

Not to mention I grew up in the community that they are helping shape. I walked those streets and visited that library. It feels so surreal how life can lead you back to your beginnings. I am so proud of them! if you want to follow them here’s the link

I hope you enjoy their session, it was certainly a favorite this year.


family in front of their garage
family kissing and hugging
family jumping and laughing
kids playing in snow
kid watching the snow drop
two kids enjoying the snow outside
sibling upside down on a couch
family of five on a couch
snuggles and hugs on a couch
portrait of a kid in front of a piano
sibling portraits in front of piano
sisters laughing
family sitting by a tree trunk
older sibling and dad
family walking through mostly empty forest in the fall
mom and dad kissing
ion your mark get set go!
family walking through beautifully lined leafs this fall
sister portraits in oak park il

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