The Moran family- Lincoln Park, Chicago IL

Fall really did spoil us with it’s beauty this year. I arrived to this session and there was a young couple on a date, in a blanket overlooking the water. I give the guy kudos for planning that! I feel bad that I completely ruined their view. lol. I think they enjoyed the show I put on though, watching me running chasing a toddler could have possibly been amusing. Sorry for ruining the view guys!

The Moran family was a joy to work with! thankfully we got blessed with a very warm fall day and baby girl loved the opportunity to run, play and be with her parents. Toddlers always run the session. Lincoln Park has a beautiful array of trees and their pond just makes it that much beautiful, I can’t believe that exist right in the center of the city! There were so many favorites from our session together!


family walking up a hill
family walking in a park holding hands
famiy in lincon park il
mom and baby about to embrace
baby and mom hugging
mom and baby
family playing near a hill and pond
tickling a baby upside down
baby in the fall

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