Bhatt Family session in Wheaton IL photography

Every time I photograph a family with a toddler and baby it takes me back. I was too once learning of a life with two. Thankfully I had commited myself to potty training my oldest, we did ok haha. At least we tried our hardest. So I can relate to the beautiful chaos. I often get apologies for unruly messy kids and I love to capture that! just as much as the smiles. All of this flies in an instant. I know photography will leave a mark in everyone’s life. From the kids to the parents we all benefit from photos of our love and time together. The Bhatt family invited me to capture just that. The start of a brand new chapter as a family of four. An older brother learning just what that means.

We had a lovely time inside and loved that we were able to head outdoors for a few more.


brother kisses on sister
little sister laying on the couch
family snuggling on the couch
mom holding baby sister
family holding baby
big brother smiling
dad holding and dnuggling big brother
mom and dad holding baby girl
family smiles
family is outside
big brother

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