The Vinegar Family maternity session in Hyde Park

This sweet, beautiful family is expecting their 4th baby! Another girl to even things out in the family, which Big sister couldn’t be more excited about. For this maternity session I traveled to Hyde Park , which has this beautiful bird watching post. We used a lot of the shade for the images before heading into the path. It was a super hot day. Even with the hot and muggy atmosphere these kids powered through our session. This was the first time we met so I know it’s always hard to meet new people. It was so fun getting to know all of the different personalities. I am a true believer that birth order affects your personality. But of course I would, right. I mean I am the oldest of 4 lol. I cannot wait to see them again, and get to capture that beautiful new baby!

For now enjoy these beautiful images!


smiling family in hyde park
couple maternity session in hyde park
baby gripping dad's leg nervously
big sister kissing moms belly
portraits of a maternity session in Hyde park
freelensed image of a maternity client
beautiful maternity images
mom and her big girl
big sister to be and mom walking
family of 5 soon to be  6
laughing in the grass during the maternity session
more laughing in the grass
brothers hugging
dad and baby
middle brother
dad hugging his boys
more dad hugs
family of 5
expecting mother's photograph in hyde park il
chicago family expecting baby number 4
brother and sister holding hands
big sister
couple dancing the baby out

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