The Newborn session of a brand new family of 7, Aurora IL photographer

The newborn session of a beautiful boy in Aurora IL. I cannot believe they are now a family of seven, two weeks after I was at this stunning home to welcome Finnian I went back to capture them a little more relaxed and set into a routine. Well a sorta routine, I know the Lundes are just a very intentional and slowly paced people. Newborn sessions are hectic and they can also be crazy. But we always manage to get the beauty of it all. These boys are so lovely and they are always so eager to show me all of their personalities. We’ve worked together enough I think that they trust me to just be, to capture them as they are and to not push for more than they can do. I always strive to be patient and to let moments unfold. To be ready to roll with the beauty of childhood.

but back to this sweet little baby! How absolutely gorgeous does Kayla look btw. She looked radiant when I came in. I know her life is so busy and so is mine and we couldn’t be more different but we’ve always been able to flourish in friendship. Her an Patrick are doing a phenomenal job raising some kind hearted, smart, inquisitive boys. Little Finnian who I think, looks like a combination of Owen and Griffin was just the sweetest little thing. I think he’s going to add a little bit more calmness to the bunch. But well see, chaos is acceptable too! especially if its in front of the lens.


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Brothers in baby room
kids playing with camera
brothers and mom nursing
Auroral IL lifestyle session
Newborn in crib
close up of newborn in crib
baby in crib
baby sucking thumb
side laying baby
babies feet
brothers near crib
brothers near crib watching baby
brothers near baby brother
big brothers
Dad picking up baby in lifestyle photographer aurora
dad holding baby
mom and dad portrait
mom holding baby
reflection of mom
mom nursing baby during lifestyle session Aurora IL
side of baby
baby from birds eye view
all together baby session
brothers on bed
relaxed image of bed

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