Wicker Park extended family session with the Hawley Family

Extended family sessions can be intimidating. Big crowds of people to photograph generally make me nervous. Last weekend I got a chance to photograph the Kindt family. I am happy to report that the nerves completely and quickly subsided as they were such lovely people. I mean they brought a cute pup, what else do we really need. From our session together I got to see just how important family is to all of them. From experience I know just how hard it is to have family all over the country. To book a photography session while life is so busy is such a gift, & I don’t just mean because that benefits me lol. Genuinely I think prioritzing your love ones and images, capturing memories is such a beautiful thing. It reminds me to do this next time my own brother is in town. Life comes at us fast, it changes so quickly. One day we are here and the next we are not. But these images are here to stay, for generations.

Speaking of generations, grandparents and grandkids. Oh what a joy! I weirdly look forward to that in my own life. At least I’m crossing my fingers I get a chance to be a grandparent some day even if thats only with fur babies haha.

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Mom and dad hugging
mom and her baby
family session at wicker park park
dad and his boy
extended family session in wicker park cousin and aunt
pre teens
grandparents at our session together in wicker park
the sweetest laugh from this sweet kid

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