Amador family session in the beautiful Lincoln park zoo area and honeycomb

Catching up with repeat clients is so lovely, I fist met little miss Rosie in her babyhood. Now there is a stark contrast in who she is now. She’s a lively and busy toddler who kept us on our toes. I love how excited she was to see the ducks and the reminder of kids curiosity. There is so much magic to experience when we allow ourselves to experience life through kids perspectives. The Amador’s are just beautiful. I also love learning about their lives and what normal is for them. This shoot happened right before dad is to get ready to depart for a long time, and I love how much importance they placed on documenting their NOW. it’s afterall what is all about. No matter what brings the present is what matters. Who you are and who you spend it with.

The Lincoln park zoo area was busy for sure but we managed to avoid big crowds by maneuvering around. I love exploring and that’s how I lead my sessions by letting kids be kids. I hope you enjoy this session. It was a blast and I hope it shows.


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