Baby Solomon’s arrival, the Santiago family outdoor session in Sauk Village IL

I cannot believe how lucky we got with this incredible warm day. It was such a joy to see big sister Selah again, she is this little rain of sunshine, who just smiles and is so cooperative the whole time. It’s one of my favorite parts about working with kids, their curiousity. We got to get aquainted back again and she remembered our last session together, so it was fun. With one big difference of course, little baby Solomon in tow. I often wonder how it would have made a tempermental difference had my daughter been born first. These kiddos and mine have a similar age gap. So I know the Santiago’s are in for some work. Baby Solomon was just as adorable as his older sister. Being outside with a newborn always complicates things slightly and Chicago weather loves to play with our emotions. But I am so glad it all aligned perfectly to allow me to capture them all as a family of four under a beautiful blanket of sunshine. I love their love and connection. All of their demeanors are so calm and soothing. They make my job so effortless and wonderful. I am so happy I got to capture them as a newly family of four and wish them all the health and continued love this world can bring.


daughter smiling and dancing with dad
dad and daughter hugging
dad playing with daughter in beautiful sunshine
mom walking with baby
dad and daughter playing
mom and dad embracing their newborn
newborn baby and parents
newbonr baby boy looking at parents
sister kissing baby boy
family of four by the water
mom kissing the top of her new sons head
dancing in the subnshine with mom dad and baby
everyone embracing baby boy

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