Luis and Ale celebrating their love in the early morning at the Imperial Dunes in California | Chicago couples photographer

When you have both a dope sister photographer you have to fly her out immediately obviously! . I won’t lie and say there wasn’t awkwardness. I mean a couples session is meant to me intimate and full of connection, trust, love, hands on each other etc… and with your sister there, I’m sure it felt like blah for him haha. But we managed along with a ton of laughs because I’m me and I make a fool out of myself everywhere I go. Do you know how hard it is to walk all of this sand. Plus shooting with Primes means running back and forth like a lunatic for just the right angle and shot. Let’s just say I got a killer work out. Im so incredibly happy with these, It’s a bit like jotting a shoot off my photographer bucket list. Sand dunes are a gorgeous backdrop and these did not dissapoint.

While Luis and Ale are officially married, I can’t wait to see my little brother walking down the isle though. I’ll also see both my mom and dad in tears because I’m sure he’s the favorite above me. He’s 5 years younger, when he was born I remember being annoyed. I didn’t get the point of adding another after 5 years of solitude. Growing up he was always far more responsible than me, opening doors at 4 in the morning as I was getting home from a night of partying. Getting up early to get ready for school, as I just rolled out of bed and headed over. He chose to leave for California for the love of his life, doing the nessesary changes for his happiness. Living in his truth. I’m so proud of him. Ale is such a sweetheart that doesn’t take any shit, perfect for him. We’re tough people to love because we don’t let others do it lol. She’s managed to turn my brother into someone open to love, perhaps turn is a bad word. But she’s made it safe for him to let him be loved and I can see that. So happy to welcome her into my family. I look forward to many trips to capture the upcoming milestones and years as well as babies. ( like for real make me an aunt asap) No pressure though.


couple reaching out for each other
couple in sand dunes
couple embraving in sand dunes
couple laughing and kissing at the sand dunes
kissing couple
about to couple at imperial sandunes
couple at sunset at imperial sanddunes

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