It’s my first session back! finally. I can’t believe it. I’m so so happy to be back to work. The time away from all of my clients has been hard but also it solidified that I absolutely love my job so much. This new normal has been so hard on all of us. Harder on others, i don’t doubt. I feel so grateful that I am able to slow down my time and get time to stay home with my kids. I know many essential workers don’t get that luxury. I am planning a giveaway for some of those families.

I photographed this sweet session, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Being confined to a single space is new to me. Also I wasn’t sure how I would accomodate the social distancing and how it would influence my shooting style. I am happy to say that I can manage. I have added some tigher crops in post for a little variation that I love, and maintaining my favorite wide angle shoots. I guess if you’re not a photographer this all means nothing to you. haha, All of this to say, I loved it.

What a time to be a live. I am a true believer that art can always bring some strenght and beauty to any specific moment. The memories of this time will be so rough. But capturing some smiles can soften that up. If you are able to have a photographer capture your family, I highly encourage you to book it. Time is fleeting, even if its the crappiest time currently.


Amigas at the coffee shop photoshoot, Chicago IL

You better believe I left this session just elated from working with all of these beautiful ladies. We started our photoshoot together at the Colectivo coffee shop in Wicker Park. There I captured them enjoying each others presence. They read some fun questions and played cards with each other, tears were shed, loud belly laughs…

Chicago street art inspired, family photography session- The Nisar family

Are you looking for a unique way to capture special moments with your family? How about some street art? This unique style of photography can give you unique and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. With vibrant colors and a unique backdrop, this style of photography is perfect for a family photo shoot that…

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