Dandelion field at the end of spring | Adri De La Cruz Schaumburg and Chicagoland area family photographer

It’s been a tough spring. So many feelings and a ton of movement in my head. Lately I have settled that I am way too comfortable where I am. Growth is like that shitty but lovely plant that just won’t budge unless you significant things to help it along. I’ve been stagnant for a while. Yet feeling a bunch of anxiety over nothing. Life is just funny that way.

I needed to capture that incredible end of spring day and I ran to a creek near a park with my kids. Turns out a filed full of nats is just what the doctor ordered. I hope you’re having an amazing start to your summer.

mom in a field of sunflowers in the suburbs of chicago
kid in golden light in a dandelion field
collage of a kid in a red dress in a chicago field
family in a dandelion field
self portrait with a mirror in the woods

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