Like lightning, quick home-birth in Arlington Heights | Adri De La Cruz Chicago and West suburbs birth photographer


Back in April I had the freaking experience of a lifetime. I watched a beautiful mama catch her sweet baby boy. This birth is actually in two parts, we had two nights. I was called over and sent home the first day, even though no baby came that day. I got to know her incredible birth team. By the way she had never had anyone present for her two prior births. When she stalled out, at 4 cm, she decided to not intervene with her process and allowed that baby to stay put for as long as he needed to. Remember patience is a virtue. The second night we were called over I opted to take the highway since I wasn’t sure how quick it would be, and man am I gald I took the faster route. That sweet boy was extremely quick. I got there and withing 15 minutes, in a blink of an eye he was here. She is a badasss and i am so lucky to have captured this incredible moment.




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