3 Month session of baby Alex | Chicago + west suburbs best family photographer

I made it, I finally got to see this beautiful boy again.

He was my first hospital birth, my only complaint would be those thin mattresses used for the birthing partner to sleep on, holy ouch. That’s a no from me. lol. How do they make partners nap or even sleep overnight there? I was able to test them out during my birth session with them. While uncomfortable It was still such an honor to see this sweet little guy make his very vocal entrance onto this world.

I couldn’t believe how alert and big he had gotten. I know a ton of my colleagues are not fond of 3 months sessions because babies are not able to sit or do much. But that’s the point!!! (me with my shouty exclamation points) They are this lovely tiny human just needing their moms just as much as a newborn while smiling and cooing and just being rad.

bring on more 3-month sessions, please!

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