Baby Gemma | Chicago + West suburbs at home newborn photographer

Oh sweet baby!

This family, what can I say, but oh my goodness. I got so lucky in coming across Sarah and her little family, they make me so excited to photograph them every single time they hire me. They are full of love and all that realness. I was so honored to have captured sweet Gemma’s birth, it was a photographer’s dream come true.

I got to meet up with them for ms gemma’s sweet newborn session a few weeks after the birth, It was important to Sarah to capture as early as possible because babies change at seconds speed (:P), Ok not really but honestly sometimes I would wake up and realize that my baby was changing day to day.

For her session, we put a focus on that wonderful first bath, time with her adorable big brother and overall just capturing the little details and moments as a family of four. I hope I get to see ms gemma again I can’t even imagine how adorable she’s gotten.

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brace your self for a heavy image post! hope you enjoy them.



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