2016, I failed again.

FAILURE. It used to haunt me.

It is one of those inevitable things, big part of life. This year I celebrated my 4th year as a photographer. As my oldest turned 5, and my little one is just 2. Never before this year have I failed at so much. I started the year so strong. Full of ideas and inspiration. Wanting to do this or that. The new year rush is invigorating. But then my group failed, then shoots I was attempting failed, stuff I submitted for fell through. About 99 % of new things  I tried failed. I try and  blame lack of time or organization, but truth be told it was probably not meant to be. But along with the failure came so much learning. & the realization that those things that did work out, would have never happened with the courage to put myself out there. I am excited to do that again in 2017.

I’m excited to learn. To teach and share what I know as much as I can. God knows I suck at explaining. Sorry guys. 2017 is just going to be bigger and better! I just know it. So cheers friends! May you all have a Happy NYE, and here is a big cheer to those exploring, and learning, doing, creating and all of the magic that is Photography.

&  yeah. I failed at my 366. but whatevs there’s always next year.


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One thought on “2016, I failed again.

  1. Amazing!! So many of my favorites of yours. Here’s to failing! because, we have to push ourselves out of that comfort zone with out fear of failing. I know you will do amazing things. Adri!! xoxox…

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